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Very important for us is the high quality of our productsTherefore, special attention is paid to suppliers cooperating with usMiękkie  fabrics are produced in the Poland and each time pass quality and safety testsThis way you can be sure that Miękkie fabrics meet the highest quality requirements. At every stage of the production of our fabrics have been used technologies are certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. They also have  the International Cotton Sign certificate. 

Camelot  Fabrics products

Camelot Fabrics are known throughout the world products of Canadian company Eugene Textiles Inc. With excellent quality and high standards of safety production Camelot Fabrics stay known and appreciated by fans of sewing, quilting and crafting for many years.. Camelot Fabrics in creating its collection works with a wide range of artists and uses licensing programs such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Care Bears, Warner Bros. IMM Design  is an official distributor of Camelot products in Poland.

All products made by Camelot Fabrics like cotton fabric, flannel, fleece are safe for health and comply with the standards applicable in the European Union. These fabrics can be used to sew all kinds of clothing and decorative items. Home deco. The fabric passed tests under the content of harmful substances in the Institute of Textile industry in Lódź.

Camelot Fabrics products contain the restriction "Not intended for children sleepwear". 
 This restriction applies to requirements of the USA and Canada market. Its the law requires to fabrics intended for the production of sleepwear for children were non-flammable which in practice means it has to contain flammability-lowering chemicals. Camelot products are not non-flammable so according to  US law should not be used for the production of clothing.


Camelot Fabrics license products


All Camelot Fabrics license products are legally produced materials licensed by Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Care Bears, Warner Bros. The legality of the license can be checked directly with the licensor


All products of Camelot licensed fabrics are intended for private use only. The use of these products for commercial purposes is not allowed. You can find more information about this in the following questions and answers.


  • I am a private person and I want to sew a few things for myself using fabrics from licensed collection. Can I do this and are there any limitations regarding this?

Sewing of the licensed materials for private use is allowed and there is no restrictions.

  • Can I publish in social media the photos of sewn thing from licensed fabrics made for private use?

Yes you can -  photos of such things/cloths can be posted on social media without any restrictions.

  • I am a sewing blogger. I would like to sew form licensed fabrics a few things and present them is my blog. Is it possible?

Yes seed clothes/things  may be presented on blogs. It is not possible to use it  commercial use IE in advertising your site/blog or the sale of finished products.

  • I run a small business – sewing and selling clothes for children. Can I use the licensed fabric  for production and sale of clothes?

Unfortunately not. Licensed fabrics  are intended for private use only  and may not be used commercially. For commercial purposes, it is necessary to buy  the company's license covering the production of clothes.

  • I am a dentist. I would like to have tailor made medical apron for made of licensed fabrics, and then use my photos in this outfit for advertising my dental services. Is this allowed?

Unfortunately not – products made from licensed fabrics may not be used for commercial purposes and so also in advertising. However, it is possible to use this apron in your doctor's Office.

  • I run a textile shop, and i want to sell Camelot licensed fabrics and using them to advertise your shop. Is this allowed?

Yes of course. Advertising textiles is allowed. We invite you to cooperation - please click the link wholesale on the and log in to the portal

  • I run a tailor-service workshops and sew tailored cloths. Can I use the licensed fabric for sewing tailored clothes?

Yes. If  they are tailored,  single copies made of fabrics  provided by the client.  as the most so. 

 It is also possible, to have distribution of licensed fabrics and sewing services on demand. In this case, the customer buys the fabric directly at the point of a tailor. We invite you to cooperation-please click the link wholesale on the and log in to the portal

  • I am sewing-mom. I sewed  clothes for my child from licensed products. Can I sell it if  I don’t need on the auction portals?

Yes of course things made for private use, c also sell on auction sites with no limits

  • I am a pattern designer for sewing and quilting which I sell commercialy. Can I use clothes made of licensed fabrics to present on my patterns?

In graphical file/pdf file which is a commercial product, may not be used photos of licensed fabrics. Examples of clothes made from licensed fabrics can be presented on the Internet and social media.

  • 10 . Whether these restrictions apply to all products Camelot Fabrics?

No-restrictions apply only to licensing products IE. -Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, the Care Bears Warner Bros. All other products can be used both for personal and commercial use.


ATTENTION! Before buying any license fabrics, make sure they are legal! Ask the seller for the name of the producer, model number or license. Using illegally produced materials can expose you to legal and financial consequences.